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JSPM's Jayawantrao Sawant College of Pharmacy and Research, Pune

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Bachelor of Pharmacy

Bachelor of Pharmacy


Satisfy The Aspirations of Youth Force, Who Want To Lead The Nation Towards Prosperity Through Techno-Economic Development.


To Provide, Nurture and Maintain an Environment of High Academic Excellence, Research and Entrepreneurship for All Aspiring Students, Which Will Prepare Them to Face Global Challenges, Maintaining High Ethical and Moral Standards.

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Dr. (Ms) Potnis Vaishali Vasant

Professor & Principal
M.Pharm (Quality assurance) Ph. D. (Pharmacology)

Dr. Mr. Chavan Bhagwat Babasaheb

Professor in Pharmaceutical chemistry.
M. Pharm – Pharmaceutical Chemisrty

Dr. (Ms) Dhamane Suchita Prabhakar

Professor in Pharmaceutics
M. Pharm Ph.D. –Pharmaceutics

Mr. Kale Abhay Dinkarrao

Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical chemistry
M. Pharm. (Pharmaceutical &
Medicinal Chemistry),M. B. A. (Marketing Mgmt)

Dr. Ms. Kolsure Anuja Kalidas

Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical chemistry
M. Pharm. (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)

Dr. Kemkar Kiran Ramesh

Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics
M.Pharm Ph.D.–Pharmaceutics

Dr. Ms.Bhimanwar Aarti Akash

Associate Professor of Pharmacology

Dr. Ms. Kamble Manisha Bhagwat

Professor of Pharmacognosy

Mr. Mr. Albhar Ketan Gulabrao

Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics

Mr. Mr. Bobe Kisan Raghunath

Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics

Dr. Mr.Gaikwad Sachin Navnath

Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical chemistry

Ms. Hingane Neeta Nivrutti

Assistant Professor of Microbiology

Ms. Puri Sudha Umesh

Assistant Professor of Pharmacology

Mr. Londhe Nitin Arjun

Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical chemistry

Ms. Barangule Swati Pandurang

Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics

Ms. Belasare Kirtee Shriram

Assistant Professor of Pharmacognosy

Ms. Surywanshi Mrunalini Rohan

Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics

Ms. Khairnar Bhagyashri Dipak

Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Ms. Borude Jyoti Pritam

Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics

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Analytical Instrument Handling Training
Pharmacological Experimental Animal Handling Training

Student's Achivements

Student achievement

Sr.No. Student achievement View File
1. AY-2019-20
2. AY-2020-21
3. AY-2021-22

Student achievement 2023-2024


Student achievement 2023-2024

1. In 2016-17 and 2017-18 faculty and students of PG course generated IPR , filing of product patents and design patent (Type –Indian) is in process.

2. In 2017-18 Ms. Ghule Pooja of M.Pharm Semester-II qualified and received certificate for an international course in IPR (DL- ) administered by World Intellectual Properties Organization (WIPO, Geneva)

3. Mr. Sonar Sagar and Ms. Raut Manisha participated and represented student category (PG) at Avishkar-2017 a state-level research competition organized by BCUD of SP Pune University.

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Mr. K. G. Albhar
Moodle Coordinator
Room No. 6A-104
Mr.N.A. Londhe
T & P Coordinator
Room No. 6A-207
Dr. K.R. Kemkar
Admission Coordinator
Room No. 6A- 115
Website Coordinator Website Coordinator
Ms.M.R. Surywanshi
Website Coordinator
Room No. 6A-212
Ms. V .S. Mane
Website Coordinator
Room No. 6A- 114

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