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JSPM's Jayawantrao Sawant College of Pharmacy and Research, Pune

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8.1.1 (QnM) Module * developed on competency based curriculum enrichment as per PCI / AICTE guidelines during the last five years
1. Community Pharmacy training
2. Instruments/Equipment handling
3. Animal Handling for pharmacological experiments
4. Clinical pharmacy training
5. Clinical trial training
8.1.2 (QnM) Internal assessment methods adopted (preceding academic year data)
1. Manuscripts /articles /monographs / official books Presentation
2. Project proposal presentation
3. Seminar
4. Lab-book/log-book
5. Written Examination
8.1.3 (QnM) Average percentage of Quality Improvement Programme (QIP)/ leadership training undergone by teachers
Average percentage of Teachers who have undergone QIP / Leadership training during the last 5 years
8.1.4 (QnM) Percentage of teachers who have membership in professional bodies (i.e.,IPA, APTI, IPGA, IHPA,AASP, FIP , IACP etc.,) during the last five years
8.1.5 (QnM) Safety norms adopted and preparedness available in the college.
1. Maintenance of wiring and electrical installations and earthing
2. Fire fighting measure
3. Handling of hazardous chemicals
4. Availability of emergency medical care
5. Safety drills conducted as per prescribed protocol
8.1.6 (QIM) New physical facilities created, Equipment added during the last 5 years.
8.1.7 (QnM) Software available in the institution for Teaching-Learning Process and Research
1. Statistical analysis
2. Research (Ex: Quality by Design etc.,)
3. Monitoring of student activities in clinical/hospital training
4. Drug discovery
5. Pharmacology experiments
8.1.8 (QIM) Availability and usage of following facilities
1. Medicinal herbal garden
2. Model Pharmaceutical pilot plant
3. Departmental Museum
4. Drugs and Poison information centre
5. Sophisticated instrumentation facility
8.1.9 (QIM) Maintenance and Utilization of Equipment /Instruments
1. Standard operating procedure
2. Log books (Usage records)
3. Calibration Records
4. Maintenance Records
5. Annual Maintenance Contracts
8.1.10 (QIM) Annual Pharmacy internal Audits conducted in the following areas
1. Equipment and Instruments audit
2. Glassware Audit
3. Chemicals Audit
4. Safety Audit
8.1.11 (QnM) Is the Pharmacy College / laboratory accredited by any National Accrediting agency?

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