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Final Evaluation

Final Evaluation

Each Semester will consist of a minimum of 15 weeks instructions.
*i.e. 15x6 = 90 instructional days (minimum instructional days)
1. 75% attendance for both theory and practical classes separately shall be mandatory to appear for sessional examination and end semester examination.
2. Conducting authority shall be Institutes where learner is admitted.
3. In- semester assessment will be of 40 marks which includes 20 marks for theory and practical sessional and 20 marks for continuous assessment for theory and practical. In-semester assessment of 20 marks should be continuous, procedures and marks for theory and practical examination are as follows –
1. For theory and practical Examination – In-semester assessment for 20 marks should be continuous and at least two tests should be conducted for full course of 3 credits for theory and 2 credits for practical and the teacher must select a variety of procedures for examination such as :
      a) Written test and / or midterm test (not more than one or two for each course)
      b) Term paper
      c) Journal / Lecture / Library notes
      d) Seminar presentation
      e) Short Quizzes
      f) Assignments
      g) Extension work
      h) An open book test (with the concern teacher deciding what books are to be allowed for this purpose)
1. Mini research project by individual learner or group of learners The concern teacher in consultation with the head of Department shall decide the nature of question for the unit test.
Number of Sessional Examination:
1. There will be a minimum of one sessional examination of 20 marks conducted in each semester after minimum eight weeks of teaching from the date of commencement of that semester in each of the theory subjects during the semester.
2. One Sessional Examination will be conducted as per the examination scheme (See Annexure no. I) for each semester. The learner who will secure less than 40% mark in the Sessional Examination or unable to appear for the scheduled Sessional Examination may be permitted for the Sessional Examination in the same semester only if approved by institutional examination committee and paying fees as prescribed by the institution. The institutional examination committee shall consist of Principal (Chairman), & four teachers nominated by the Principal.
3. Practical sessional examination of 20 marks will be based on internal assessment of practical (Experimental work), viva, synopsis and laboratory record. Daily assessment of practicals will be based on day to day attendance, learners’ skills (performance), viva, laboratory record, etc.
4. Theory sessional examination of 20 marks will be conducted after completion of at least two thirds syllabus of the semester.
Letter Grades and Grade Points: 1. The marks are converted to grades based on pre-determined class intervals. As per recommendations of UGC. A 10-point grading system with the following letter grades as given below:
Table 1: Grades and Grade Points
Marks Obtained Letter Grade Grade Point
90 above O (Outstanding) 10
80 to 89 A+(Excellent) 9
70 to 79 A(Very Good) 8
60 to 69 B+(Good) 7
50 to 59 B(Above Average) 6
46 to 49 C(Average) 5
40 to 45 P (Pass) 4
0 to 39 F(Fail) 0
N. A Ab (Absent) 0
2. A learner obtaining Grade F shall be considered failed and will be required to reappear in the examination.
3. For non credit courses ‘Satisfactory’ or “Unsatisfactory’ shall be indicated instead of the letter grade and this will not be counted for the computation of SGPA/CGPA.

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